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Michael Massenburg

About The Artist:

Michael Massenburg was born in San Diego and raised in Los Angeles California. Michael persuades his studies at California State University, Long Beach and Otis Art Institute. Massenburg has exhibited in galleries and museums, completed private commissions and worked on public art projects throughout the country and abroad.  His list of public artworks includes Verizon, MTA Metro, ESPN, American Jazz Museum and the Fabulous Forum. He is also the recipient of various grants, including from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the California Arts Council. Along with his art making practices, Michael is a teaching artist for various organizations and is founding board member board president for Inglewood Cultural Arts 501c.


 Artist Statement:

In this body of work, I want to investigate the language and imagery to explore the issues class, race and culture in their relationship through rituals. In each artwork, I assembled constructions of objects and images in an attempt to engage the subjects through representational, psychological and spiritual perspectives.  Elements of decaying and blooming landscapes, earth mapping and the migration of life forms are all visual metaphors for the transformation of the unknown and the profound. Through these varieties of elements, my intention is to speak to the notion of what is the significance of life or the purpose of existence. This is the ongoing conversation that I want the artwork to engage in.